Young Researchers in Sciences Conference (YRSC) is an International cluster conference that brings an innovative touch in contrast to the traditional science gatherings. Students for Nature Organization (OSpN) and Institute for Science and Innovation in Society (ISIS), in collaboration with our host, the Faculty of Biology and Geology, Babeş-Bolyai University are proud to present a step forward for our 4th edition of Young Researchers in Bio-Sciences international symposium, by adding two branches: Young Researchers in Chemical-Sciences and Young Researchers in Physics-Sciences, and bringing them all under one main event: Young Researchers in Sciences Conference. This event will take place between 14th and 19th of August, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Spanning over the three most researched natural sciences, biology, chemistry and physics, this Conference aims to spark an interest in interdisciplinarity, and help bachelor’s, master’s and PhD students gain knowledge and experience, all the while forming partnerships, and why not, friendships. The three conferences will unfold at the same time, in the same building, but in different auditoriums/halls. With the aim of supporting the broad specter of thinkers, we have a plenary session and a poster session. YRSC intends to help researchers grow, by receiving constructive feed-back from fellow peers, developing possible new research designs that span over the natural sciences, incorporating them and encompass all participants in the novel design that this Conference brings.

Young Researchers in Bio-Sciences
2017 brings with itself the fourth edition of this symposium and with it many more participants that want to grow and meet scientists that work in different branches of this field, thus learning new and exciting elements and facts. The work we have had the opportunity of discovering through past participants was from different scientific domains such as Genetics, Bioarchaeology, Ecology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, and Molecular Biology. Though these are the ones presented to us, we are not limited to them, we are open to all biology related topics, as we are trying to form a network of scientists that can find new points of research, and maybe even form partnerships. The participants we have met over the last three years have come from a broad spectrum of cultures, South Korea, Norway, Iran, Hungary, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Poland, USA, Moldavian Republic, Pakistan, as well as from Romania, some of them attending the symposium for more than one time. We hope you will be one of them.

Young Researchers in Chemical-Sciences
We are excited to mark the beginning of these two new symposiums, and can hardly wait to see what new things we can learn, and how we can be the bridge between the three elements of Young Researchers in Sciences Conference, in hope of achieving interdisciplinary in a nonformal environment. We hope to see not only topics that are within the compass of Chemistry as a domain, but also from relating domains that cover a broader spectrum, falling outside the lines of the conventional. In doing so, we hope to help the understanding of the different elements of Chemical Sciences. We also want help those that present to become better at it by creating a comfortable environment where everyone can help everyone, where you can either ask for assistance in case you need at a project, or help someone else when you feel you have the knowledge necessary.

Young Researchers in Physics-Sciences
This symposium is also at its first edition, Physics, alongside Biology and Chemistry being the most researched and prominent domains in the branch of natural sciences. We hope to see researchers that are driven and passionate about this domain, but we are also ardent to discover new elements that have the capacity to mark the bond between these three domains, and improve our understanding of different things. The wish for the first edition of this symposium is to help all scientists develop further, gain new insights about research methods and branches, and possibly find new opportunities at a scientific level. Physics is the domain of science that researches properties of energy and matter from nature, and that is also what we wish to base this symposium on and hopefully help you see the links that can be found between this branch, and the other two that Young Researchers in Sciences Conference offers.