About Cluj-Napoca-Napoca:

Some would say a city is particularly remembered for its meaningful history or the authentic culture or its high, long-lasting educational standards. Well, you cand find all of these mixed in one city, and that is Cluj-Napoca! And this is one of tha many reasons why Cluj-Napoca was voted EUROPEAN YOUTH CAPITAL for 2015.
The people who managed to change a monotonous, uninsipiring city into the multilateral developed city we have today are those who shared a common vision, who took great responsabilities upon themselves, who shared joy and happiness and moreover, knew how to remain persistent. By saying this, we take into consideration every student in Cluj-Napoca because here you can see by yourself how unity is strenghten by diversity.
Did you know that…
  1. Cluj-Napoca is situated in Transylvania, the northern-west part of Romania and has a history of more than 1000 years?
  2. Cluj-Napoca is the second most populated city in Romania after the national capital, Bucharest, due to its enormous number of students, which approximately reaches more than 50,000?
  3. Cluj-Napoca has a larger number of pubs and clubs than the number of cromozomes in your body? If not so sure, you definitely have to visit the Piezisa Street. If not so sure about our vision, you definitely have to visit the Piezisa Street.
  4. Cetatuie Park is a fortress from where you can see the landscape of Cluj-Napoca?
  5. There are a lot of squares, boulevards, streets, parks where you can walk and enjoy the urbanistic view of this city? Try Museum Square, Heroes Boulevard, Unity Square, Central Park and many, many others.
  6. Cluj-Napoca has a tremendously beautiful Botanical Garden? It has been named after Alexandru Borza, a great personality in Cluj-Napoca. The garden contains various flora from different regions of the world. We even have a Japenese Garden!
  7. Cluj-Napoca has a long tradition in education due to Babes-Bolyai University with 21 faculties which give you the opportunity to study in different languages?

So, do you still need more reasons to visit Cluj-Napoca or are you already considering buying a ticket here?