Babes-Bolyai University

About Babes-Bolyai University:

You might be wondering what is it that makes so many students study in Cluj-Napoca, besides the city itself. Well, the answer is quite simple and self-explanatory: Babes-Bolyai University. This university does not only supports academic knowledge and progress, but also encourages intercultural dialogues and personal development.
Did you know that..
  1. This is one of the biggest University in Romania? It has over 20 faculties and over 80.000 students!
  2. BBU supports culture and with its facilities improves the academic background of many students? For instance, let us mention some of them: The Minerology Museum, The Botanical Garden, The Zoology Museum, The Vivarium, The Astronomical Observatory, The Central University Library.
  3. This university was founded in 1919 and has changed its name a various times, but the final decision taken in 1959 combines the names of two world-wide scientist: Romanian bacteriologist Victor Babeș and the Hungarian mathematician János Bolyai?
  4. BBU can be considered the most complex university in the country due to its various faculties and the multicultural character it has? Students cand study in various languages such as Romanian, English, German and Hungarian.
  5. BBU does not limit its activities to Cluj-Napoca, but has another extensions in other 10 cities of Romania?