Faculty of Biology and Geology

About Faculty of Biology and Geology:

Nevertheless, the core that unites our purposes and remains a passion for a large number of us is science itself. Students can pursue their research dreams, curiosities and interests by attending the courses at the Faculty of Biology and Geology, a faculty that introduces youngsters in the scientific world, a world where a single day can not pass without which one of us gasping of surprise and astonishment at the miracles of life.

Did you know that…

The Faculty of Biology and Geology provided great scientists, not only to Romania, but the world itself? We are pretty sure you have heard about Emil Racovita, Alexandru Borza, Emil Pop, Eugen Pora, Vasile Gheorghe Radu.

  1. The faculty has 2 domains, each with its own well-defined purposes? These two domains are, obviously, Biology and Geology.
  2. There are another 3 departments among the Biology section? These are: Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Department of Taxonomy and Ecology, Department of Biology and Ecology (in Hungarian).
  3. The faculty ensure high training opportunities to bachelor students, master degree students and PhD students?
  4. Our focus area is quite large and the research work is based on finding accessible, long-lasting solutions to various world-wide problems? Some of the concerns are: cancer research and treatment, physiological effects of toxins on animals, environmental research on fresh water and salt water, microbial ecology researches, zoology researches, biodiversity and environment protection projects.
  5. There are three large research institutes which students can access in order to start their research work and develop their own professional and scientific skills? The research institutes are: Institute of Biotechnology, Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Bio-Nano-Science and Electron Microscopy Center.