Accommodation and Venue

Accommodation and Venue

We offer free accommodation for all participants who opt for it at BBU dorms (2 people/room).

These dorms are about 5 minutes walk to the Faculty of Biology and Geology and 10-15 minutes walk from city center.

To those who don’t want accommodation at the University’s dorms you can write us an email to recommend where you can book a room (the price in this case is not, however, the one mentioned above).

Easiest way to get to the Faculty of Biology and Geology

Train station – Biology and Geology Faculty.

There are two metods of getting to the Biology and Geology Faculty from the train station. The first one, also the easiest but a little pricey, is by taking a cab companies (taxi, Bolt, Uber etc.). The second one is by taking the no. 9 bus. If you are in front of the train station, cross the street, and at a very short distance there is the bus station where you will find the ticket window from where you can buy a ticket that is valid for two travels. You have to wait for the no. 9 bus to come, get on it, and get off at the Spitalul de copii station on Motilor street (it is the 4th station).

After you get off, walk until you reach the crossroads with two lights, choose the one from the right side when you get off the bus, cross from a side to the other, go straight ahead, thus reaching a small street called Dr. Iuliu Hatieganu.

From there you will reach Clinicilor street, where you will find a small crosswalk, cross it and go right. You will have to climb a little, but this road will surely take you to the Biology and Geology Faculty..

Airport – Biology and Geology Faculty.

The airport is situated at approximately 8 km from Cluj-Napoca, distance that can be traveled in 20 minutes by means of public transport, the no. 8 bus, or by any cab companies..

If you choose to travel by the no. 8 bus, you have to travel until you reach the Regionala CFR station and then to switch the bus with any of the no. 6, 7, 24, 24B or 30 bus until you reach the Spitalul de copii station. To ride the bus, you require a ticket priced at 3 lei (~ 1  €) and it can be used for two travels. Then you have to go by foot on Iuliu Haţieganu street situated on the other side of the road 50 meters back from station..

Another option to get to our faculty is by taking a cab, which will amount to around 35 lei (~7  €).